We the Concerned Citizens of the Philippines would like to Nominate Leila de Lima for Nobel Peace Prize


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Leila-De-Lima_CNNPH copy

Uumpsisahan ko ang kampanyang ito sa Nobel Peace Prize para kay Senator Leila de Lima dahil naisip kong ito ang pinakamagandang paraan para labanan ang gobierno ni Duterte. Sa pamamagitan nito, maipakikilala ko sa buong mundo ang problema ng bayan natin at mga suliraning kakaharapin ni Ms. de Lima dahil sa panggigipit sa kanya. Maraming political prisoner dati sa buong mundo katulad ni Nelson Mandela ng South Africa at si Aung San Suu Kyi ng Myanmar na nakalaya at nagtagumpay sa layunin nila para sa kanilang bayan ng makamit nila ang Nobel Peace Prize. Kaya ipagdasal natin na manomina at manalo si Ms. de Lima sa prestigious award na to.  Kung gusto nyong sumali sa kampanyang to, please join below:



Please Join Our Campaign to Have Our Beloved Senator Leila de Lima Nominated for, and to Help Her Ultimately Win, the Nobel Peace Prize

We have started a campaign to have Senator Leila de Lima nominated for Nobel Peace Prize as I believe that this is the best way to legally fight the Duterte administration and to help free Ms. de Lima from her unjust detention. All Filipinos who are fighting for justice and truth, even just in spirit, or who want to stop the abuses of Duterte’s brutal administration should support this campaign, of course, with the ultimate goal of having Ms. de Lima freed from her unjust detention. The Peace Prize has a powerful effect on the awardees and the causes they are advocating. It will help draw international attention and support for the just cause Senator de Lima and all of us are fighting for. It will also help our fight to stop all the injustices being committed by this administration and will definitely help free Ms. de Lima from her blatantly illegal detention by drawing international awareness to her struggle and ordeal. Some previously detained high-profile political prisoners won the award and were eventually released; notably, Nelson Mandela of South Africa. The prize may even help in pressuring the government to lessen, if not totally stop, all its abuses especially concerning human rights. So please join and support this noble campaign. #NobelPrizeforLeila #NobelPeacePrizeforLeila


And to International Human Rights and Allied Organizations, We Urgently Seek Your Assistance

Our country is now in a dire situation – where people are frozen and helpless, not knowing what to do under the atmosphere where fear abounds, and where the media which outwardly seems free but in reality controlled by President Duterte’s paid media warriors who spread fake news and propaganda, constantly bombarding the people with misleading information that portray the Duterte administration as benevolent and just one. Thus, many of us concerned citizens have been looking up to this brave lady, Senator Leila de Lima as our sole ray of hope and strength, but unfortunately, even this hope of ours has been shut out with her unjust incarceration. The situation now is eerily similar to the days of martial law during the time of the dictator Marcos where it took an assassination to break up the indifference and the fear of the people. And in a similar manner, we fear for the life of Ms. de Lima under the situation where several people, including a mayor, were murdered under detention using as a pretext shamelessly absurd excuse that “they all tried to fight back with guns,” (absurd because they were all under detention!), and we realized we do not have to wait for this kind of sacrifice anymore; we can make something better happen and this is to have Ms. de Lima nominated, and eventually have her win, the Nobel Peace Prize. Under this desperate situation, we the concerned people of the Philippines are seeking your assistance in facilitating the nomination of our beloved Senator Leila de Lima for the Nobel Peace Prize. We believe that under the present circumstance this is the best way to peacefully counter the abusive government of Rodrigo Duterte and to help protect the life of our beloved senator. We urgently seek your assistance.

“Under this desperate situation, we the concerned people of the Philippines are seeking your assistance in facilitating the nomination of our beloved Senator Leila de Lima for the Nobel Peace Prize. We believe that under the present circumstance this is the best way to peacefully counter the abusive government of Rodrigo Duterte and to help protect the life of our beloved senator. We urgently seek your assistance.”


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To the committee members of the Nobel Prize:

Senator Leila de Lima of the Philippines has been the sole light in the fight against abuses committed by our government. As a head of Human Rights Commission, a Secretary of Justice, and now as a Senator, she has been tirelessly working almost alone for years in search for the truth regarding the reported extra-judicial killings of criminal suspects particularly in Davao City, allegedly committed by the men of then mayor (and now the president) Rodrigo Duterte. Because of legal and cultural impediments, she has not been able to accomplish her noble mission yet, but nevertheless, she has never ceased to fight for the truth and for justice for all the victims involved. Because of her resolute effort she has been harassed, maligned & crucified publicly by the people affected by her investigations and by the government itself. As a result, she is being unjustly detained for a clearly trumped-up charges after “witnesses” under severe duress “testified” against her in a clear effort to silence her – witnesses who included convicted criminals in prison where one of their co-detainees were killed during a still unresolved attack inside the prison, and one of the injured later testified against her, where many believe he was threatened to do so.

We believe that it is in the interest of our country [edit 1: or, the Philippines], all the free world and the Nobel Prize itself to support this brave lady and the cause for which she has been fighting, and we thought it to be fitting to nominate her for the Peace Prize. And therefore, recognizing her unwavering dedication in her fight against all forms of abuse of human dignity even to the point of risking her own life, we, the grateful people of the Philippines [edit 2: or, we (names of persons or the organization – for example: the International Parliamentary Union), representing the concerned people of the Philippines and the world], would like to nominate Leila de Lima for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“And therefore, recognizing her unwavering dedication in her fight against all forms of abuse of human dignity even to the point of risking her own life, we, the grateful people of the Philippines, would like to nominate Leila de Lima for the Nobel Peace Prize.”


Bestowing the Peace Prize on Ms. de Lima will certainly help the crusade for human rights and justice not only in the Philippines but all over the world as well – a quest that Mr. Alfred Nobel himself pursued and the Nobel Prize itself has been pursuing.


The Concerned Citizens of the Philippines


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(Attention! congressmen, senators and the members of the academe: you are the qualified nominators.* You can be the first one(s) to perform what could be a historical act; so don’t miss this opportunity, please nominate Senator Leila de Lima for the Nobel Peace Prize.)

*According to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is considered valid if it is submitted by a person who falls within one of the following categories:

  • Members of national assemblies and national governments (cabinet members/ministers) of sovereign states as well as current heads of states
  • Members of The International Court of Justice in The Hague and The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague
  • Members of l’Institut de Droit International
  • University professors, professors emeriti and associate professors of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion; university rectors and university directors (or their equivalents); directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes
  • Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Members of the main board of directors or its equivalent of organizations that have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Current and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (proposals by current members of the Committee to be submitted no later than at the first meeting of the Committee after 1 February)
  • Former advisers to the Norwegian Nobel Committee

Unless otherwise stated the term ‘members’ shall be understood as current (sitting) members.


Dear Tita Cory: Please Pray for our Country – a Birthday Photo Tribute to Corazon C. Aquino


Dear Tita Cory,

We are once again facing a “dark period,” as aptly described by our beloved Vice President Leni Robredo. A tyrant has arisen in our midst wearing clothes of democracy, but in the shadows, trampling upon it, with lies and intrigues. We desperately need your prayers now to dispel this darkness, where:

…martial law is once again declared...

marcos-legal-feedhqdefault (1)

…where a whole city is destroyed…


…where the poor are wantonly murdered in guise of drug war, but in truth, just because the tyrant hates the poor…


…and where they did not spare even the youths…


…where the critics are charged falsely and imprisoned…


…where freedom of press is curtailed once again…


…and where corruption is starting to rear its ugly head again…


…where the President refuses to sign a bank waiver to prove he is not a thief…


…where the son is suspected to be a smuggler, including of drugs…

!!!Paolo-duterte_Mark-Tagub master

We miss the time when you – together with all of us – fought for our rights… and freedom…



…and attained the victory we sorely needed.


We desperately need your prayers again…


so that we may be free from tyranny again

…and celebrate victory once more, together.








A Very Special Photo Album (just click to see individual photos)




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Rappler Retaliates with a Big Bomb on the Palace, Exposes 15.5 Billion Peso Possible Corruption Case Involving Bong Go & Malacañang, with Proofs!

duterte-bong-go 2Trendolizer 7

Rappler came out with an explosive retaliation – it dropped a bomb on Malacañang, exposing the possible corruption within the 15.5 billion pesos frigate purchase program. I will explain it in a very simple manner so everyone will understand this issue clearly, but for details, please click the original source of info for this blog (note: when I checked the link later after posting this, it was updated (edited) but I will stick with the original script):


(Disclaimer: views expressed in this blog are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the truth. -Lulu Mendez)


Here is the outline of the event for your easy understanding:

  • During the Aquino administration, the government embarked on military modernization program which included the the Navy’s frigate purchasing project costing 15.5 billion pesos. This was finalized and signed by the Duterte administration, meaning, they are the ones responsible for its implementation.
  • Included in the project is the critical Combat Management System (CMS) to be installed on the warships – this is the source of the controversy.
  • The Frigate Project Technical Working Group under chairman Commodore Robert Empedrad – the officially authorized group for the selection of suppliers – selected CMS system from Tacticos Thales of The Netherlands as “most suitable” for the warships.
  • But the “Little President” Bong Go, the right hand man of President Duterte, intervenes and pushes for an alternative CMS supplier, Hanwha Thales, a South Korean company, to provide the CMS and presents Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana with a so-called white paper endorsing Hanwha Thales.


  • Lorenzana, in turn, gave the white paper to former Philippine Navy chief Vice Admiral Ronald Mercado. He wrote on an attached Post-it note:1/12/17To: Admiral MercadoRonald,This was given to me by Bong Go.Go over it and prepare a report/rebuttalto be submitted to the Pres.


    Quoted Directly from the Rappler report.

    Edited photo from Silent No More PH

  • But the “former” Philippine Navy chief Vice Admiral Ronald Mercado stood by another CMS supplier that technical working groups from the Navy selected as most suitable for the warships.” – Rappler
    (This cost him his post, Mercado was later fired!)

    Photo from a post of Bong Banal

  • A week after Go gave Lorenzana the white paper, his office sent a letter to Empedrad inviting him to Malacañang on January 20, 2017, to discuss the CMS selection. The letter was signed by Undersecretary Christopher Lao of the Office of the Special Assistant to the President, but Go later denied any knowledge of the letter or the meeting.


  • “But Empedrad sent a report to Malacañang 3 days later, dated January 23, 2017, addressed to the President and Go. He upheld that Tacticos Thales was the better supplier of CMS and debunked most of the arguments that favored Hanwha Thales. Go told Rappler he also didn’t know about this report.” Rappler
  • After Mercado was fired, Emperdrad “was installed Navy officer-in-charge in a hastily organized change of command ceremony on December 19, 2017.” Why? we will find out provided this corrupt scheme of Malacañang is not abandoned under public pressure.


This is a clear case of influence peddling coming directly from Malacañang. Everybody knows that “Little President” Bong Go is Duterte’s right-hand man. He is Duterte’s shadow and everything he does, the President knows. The President’s involvement is obvious, what more proof do you need when the facts clearly show:

  • that it was done by Duterte’s right hand man, Bong Go;
  • the alleged meeting between Go and Emperdrad was scheduled at Malacañang; and
  • that the officer who refused, Mercado, was later fired. This is no doubt a clear case of corruption involving 15.5 billion pesos, reaching the doorsteps of Malacañang. Again, we should never forget!

“This is no doubt a clear case of corruption involving 15.5 billion pesos, reaching the doorsteps of Malacañang. Again, we should never forget!”


And please don’t believe the fake news spread by the allies of Malacañang claiming that former Philippine Navy chief Vice Admiral Ronald Mercado was fired because he endorsed his own favored supplier – it is the other way around. What Mercado endorsed was the supplier officially endorsed by the Navy.


Don’t Forget to Support Rappler! #StandWithRappler



…please also read another view from a former Navy officer…



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Forecast 2018: Federalism – the Administration’s Cheating Machine has Started its Operation; Things to Watch Out for – Learn & be Prepared!


Here, you will understand the major reason behind some of the major moves that the administration of Duterte made – why COMELEC chairman was removed, why Chief Justice Sereno is being threatened with impeachment, why the media is being harassed, why the President is offering to double the salaries of the teachers – all in a coherent manner. These are just parts of one grand scheme. Read on to know what’s going on…

(Disclaimer: everything expressed in this blog is an opinion of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the truth. -Lulu Mendez)



Our Next Battleground – Charter Change (Cha-Cha) for Federalism

I have been saying since early last year that the primary goal of Duterte is the establishment of Federalism (& the associated Parliamentary system of government) in the country, and that he will employ any means to achieve it, or simply, by hook or crook. This is the primary reason why he played around with the idea of nationwide martial law and revolutionary government. But trying to justify martial law proved to be too costly with the almost total destruction of Marawi City, and the revolutionary government was repudiated by his two top men. If – and that is a big if – Duterte has totally abandoned both options, he will have to go through the entire process through the normal means, which will be a very tedious one, to say the least, that will test the patience of our impatient president. (But let us make no mistake about it, the possibility of martial law and revolutionary government is still there.) And to add to Duterte’s dilemma, there is no guarantee that federalism-parliamentary system will be passed by the people in the plebiscite. But the impatient president wants it quick and sure. If no martial law or revolutionary government, how can he do so? There is only one way, by creating a cheating apparatus which will be operated through that seemingly normal process. To create a cheating machine, the administration has to control and manipulate the important components of the process, and the methods to control them will basically be threat-coercion-bribery or TCB. Here is the list:


1.  Congress – the congress is solidly in administration’s hands so there is nothing to worry about here for the President;

1Headline from Manila Bulletin

2.  Comelec – this is one of the top, if not the top, entity that will have direct hand in the most important process of establishing federalism – the plebiscite. Therefore, controlling Comelec is one of the most important step. Now you know why former Comelec Chairman was first to go;

4Headline from Rappler

3. Supreme Court – As this coming cha-cha is expected to completely mangle our hallowed constitution, there are possibilities that there might be attempts to bring every questionable moves to the Supreme Court for resolution during the whole process, which will be, to say the least, very time consuming. This will of course derail their fast-tracked timetable and further hamper the process – something our impatient president loathes, and he has made known publicly that he doesn’t like TRO’s, warning the courts in no uncertain terms not to issue them. So again, you now know why Chief Justice Sereno could be next in line. But if it reaches the senate, I have little faith left in the senate and it will probably play an important part in our fight against federalism, assuming the administration fails to appease the senators; there is a possibility the senate will acquit Sereno, but of course, don’t count on it.  (But there is also a probability that this impeachment move can be halted. Why? Simply because it is unnecessary. Unlike the BBL law, this one involves the change in the constitution itself which will be brought to the people for decision. Any attempt to delay the proceedings can be easily swept aside by the dictatorial president if he really wanted to.)


…and next…


4. Media – Duterte needs maximum media coverage and support to convince the people to vote for his federalism-parliamentary system of government. But the media has been his most thorny problem and thus he will try to silence the opposing media personalities as best he can, while at the same time helping the friendly media propagate their federalism propaganda. It’s here, TCB will be put to maximum use. These are some examples:

  • Aside from forcing the Inquirer newspaper go into the hands of his ally, Duterte has also threatened, and at the same time, is trying to coerce ABS-CBN into supporting his federalism campaign:6


  • The administration has been harassing online news outfit Rappler ever since it took power, climaxing with the revocation of its licence just now (while I’m writing this), forcing it to shut down:


  • And for the “bribery” part: recently, Andanar’s PCOO came up with a program to help journalist, the Duterte Media Fund – this could turn out to be the primary source and outlet for the administration’s slush-fund for mediamen:


  • And the strangest of  coincidences, GMA channel 7’s sister radio station, DZBB and PTV-4 government TV station came out just last week with a highly dubious, and obviously fake, SWS survey showing a lopsided Duterte approval rating versus Pnoy with an unbelievable margin of 70 to 8:



5. Teachers – in any voting exercises, teachers play one of the most important part because they are the ones who are directly in touch with the  voters and the voting itself.  Here, the B, or bribery, of the TCB will primarily be employed (Is it a coincidence that the President floated the idea of doubling teacher’s pay just last week?)


6. Local Government, from governors down to barangay leaders – the administration needs the local government to lay the foundation for their cheating operation. It will probably manipulate them with bribes and with threats, another area where TCB will be put to maximum use. (Don’t forget Duterte’s infamous and incredible narco-list, where one of his top nemesis was listed on the top as a drug queen. He can put any local official on his dubious list anytime – swords hanging over the heads of each of them.)

(Update) One day after I posted this blog, this headline came out:7

7. Police and the Military – will primarily be used to clear the road, so to speak, for the smooth sailing of the government’s federalism operation from any trouble or troublemakers. They may also be used for coercion, but will probably operate from the sidelines and in the shadows most of the time.

So these units will have to be manipulated in a well-coordinated manner to make sure federalism will be established in the country without much hindrance. The congress lays down the foundation, the COMELEC handles the voting mechanism, the Supreme Court will make sure it will not be an obstacle, the media will sing the Alleluia song, the teachers will make sure the voters and their votes are handled in manner the administration wants, and the local government will prepare their constituents so that they will vote in accordance with the wish of Malacañang. Police and military will be there to enforce Duterte’s order during the period. Fait accompli? Don’t be too sure. Anything can happen between now and the the time of the plebiscite. The President is so impulsive that I’m sure he’ll make major blunders along the way, or so I hope. And the senate, made up of better stuff – excuse me – I mean, with different self-interests, will probably resist federalism, unless the administration can cajole and coax them, and offer them something they can’t resist. So as of now, the Senate will be our only hope and our best ally in our fight against federalism.3


The Brewing Feud in Congress – Senate versus House -and- the PDP Laban itself – Speaker Alvarez vs. Senate President Pimentel5(Update: One day after I posted this blog, this headline comes out)

As expected, there is a rivalry brewing between the upper and lower chambers of congress. The senators are feeling they are being upended by their lower house colleagues. The administration and its ally, the super-majority in congress, want unicameral Parliament, thereby abolishing the Senate without any substitute. They also want joint voting making the 22 senators disappear into the vast house crowd, almost voiceless. And of course, the senators will never allow that. As you can see now, they are in direct collision course with each other. Unless the administration can provide the senators with juicy bribes, a major collision is a matter of time. In the meantime, to repeat, the Senate, with its many clowns, will be our allies in this fight against federalism. It will start with the impeachment of Chief Justice Sereno if it reaches the senate. I’m expecting the senators to show statesmanship during the trial, but will they? (This is perhaps, more of my wishful thinking than reality. We shall see)

And to add to the house-senate woe, there’s a feud within the majority party, PDP Laban. As soon as Speaker Alvarez hastily came up with his own senate slate for PDP Laban, I thought, what happened to the party president, Aquilino Pimentel III, was he bypassed? The soft-spoken president of the party, Pimentel, faintly stated later that the list is not final. This obvious feud has also reached the issue of charter change, with the Speaker, as the head of the lower house, and the Senate President, as the head of the upper house, on the collision course I mentioned above. Party divided  cannot stand. Let us watch what will happen next.





Federalism has been the primary objective of Duterte and he has been slowly laying the groundwork for it ever since he became president. His first step was to create a terrorist scare as a prelude to artificial terrorist attacks and use it as justification for martial law. The suspicious Davao City night market bombing is the prime example. Why of all the places in his hometown? Was it because he had full control of the place? And why was Omar Yasser Sema, brother of one of the masterminds, Abduljabbar Sema, appointed as one of the members of Bangsamoro Transitional Council?.. Then comes the Marawi attack which led him to declare martial law. But the utter destruction it wrought obviously dissuaded the President from the nationwide martial law experiment. He had an easier alternative – the revolutionary government. But again, it was firmly rejected by his two top men, who gave not-so-subtle hint that they are ready to shift their alliance to our beloved V.P. Leni Robredo if revolutionary government is declared by the President because she will automatically become our legitimate president when that happens.



And the Final Warning

Let us not forget that if federalism is established, the position of the vice president, now held by V.P. Leni Robredo, will be abolished; we will lose our major ally in the government. Will we allow that? The answer is a big NO! Further, the charter changers can tamper the constitution in any way they wish and here lies the danger. There is already a proposal to remove the term limits of politicians as well as the removal of the office of the Ombudsman. Have you noticed how all these provisions are beneficial to those honorable politicians who are the very ones writing them? Which means the provisions are made for their own interest, not for the interest of the public. There is also a plan to give dictatorial powers to the President during the so-called transition period – an indefinite period of time. Therefore, we must be vigilant and must fight when the need arises, to stop this whole scam called federalism-parliamentary system of government.  Let us be prepared for the Battle Against Charter Change!

And Mr. President you might have been fooled. In presidential system, you are the boss and the congressmen are your slaves, but in the parliamentary system, YOU ARE THE SLAVE and the congressmen, your bosses! Think again.


Of course, in the real world, it will not go in such a perfect manner and in exact detail I wrote here, but you can nevertheless be assured, basically, the government’s push for federalism-parliamentary system will proceed in the manner I stated here. Being aware of the basic idea behind the government’s move will help you understand what they are up to whenever they come up with some shenanigans  or mga kalokohan with regards federalism. Be aware is to be prepared, and be prepared to fight, when the need arises…



Alternative Viewpoints

Reading wide range of opinions can help you widen your perspective:

From Raissa Robles


From Manuel L. Quezon III


Duterte Administration’s Greatest Fake News – SWS Says the Survey is not One of its Published Surveys; FAKE? Read & You be the Judge

Last Monday, January 8, a report came out on GMA radio station DZBB and PTV 4 government television station – both pro-Duterte stations – that there is a new survey from SWS showing 70% of Filipino’s think Duterte did better than Aquino, while incredibly small percentage, 8%, thought Aquino did better.

Here, why did GMA TV use the word “umano’y” for this survey when in fact it was first reported by its sister radio station DZBB through one of its announcers Mike Enriquez? Weren’t they confident that what was reported on their sister station was real? If they had doubts, or if the authenticity of the survey was not confirmed yet, why did they allow Mike Enriquez, a certified Duterte fanatic, to report it in the first place? There is clearly something wrong here.

From GMA Online

While feeling dismayed but highly doubtful of the survey, this tweet from Jim Paredes came out to save my day:

Fake SWS Paredes

Something Fishy – Why this Survey is Most Likely Fake


SWS Email Response to My Query

Sensing something fishy, I decided to contact SWS directly thru email and this is their reply (email address & name blotted out for privacy and security reasons):

SWS Mail 2

As you can see, this survey was not published by SWS! Does this mean this survey is fake? If you clearly analyze the words they used, it may be construed as fake. First, SWS said it was “not published” by them – instead of – it “has not been published” which can mean that they have yet to publish it. And according to the the same email reply from SWS, this (see the link) is the latest survey on Philippines presidents released by SWS last December 22 (sample photo underneath):


As you can see, this is a different survey and this survey was reportedly conducted last December 8-16, while the survey in question was reported (not by SWS) to have been conducted also between Dec. 8 to 16! If true, why was it not released together with the other one? Answer: obviously because it is fake.


All the News Reports on the Survey in Question Fail to Authenticate It

There are reports on this survey from three different news organizations; Malaya, Philstar and GMA News Online but all these news reports also fail to confirm that the survey in question is indeed an authentic SWS survey. Why?




To add to the confusion, the two news article linked above came with similar ambiguous reports:

GMA:  “SWS spokesperson Leo Laroza declined to comment when asked by GMA News Online for confirmation of the survey, which has not been published on the pollster’s website.
Larroza said his office can only comment on surveys that have been published on their website.”

Philstar Online: “In an e-mail to The STAR, Leo Laroza, director of the SWS Communications and Information Technology section, said the SWS has not made any recent release regarding Philippine presidents other than its report on Dec. 22 last year.”


GMA-DZBB and the P.R. Connection – Is Sir Mike Engaging in PR Work?

Before we delve into this, let me give you a little backgrounder. I have received info’s as early as late 90’s or early 2000’s about allegations that some of DZBB commentators are engaging in P.R. works. The informer, supposedly an insider, named the commentators and their targets. And when I opened the radio and listened to those commentators, bingo, they were attacking their “target” everyday. One time I was informed that one of the commentators was assigned to attack Pnoy’s DAP and Leila de Lima; they were reportedly hired by PDAF scammers. When I couldn’t stand listening to the commentator anymore, who had been hitting Ms. de Lima every night, I decided to do something – I decided to report him with a subtle threat to expose him if he persists. And guess what? Like a magic, he stopped hitting Ms. de Lima! As a reward, I have blotted out the nickname of the commentator.

dzbb warning big2

Which brings me back to the question, is Sir Mike, and the station itself, engaging in PR works? If the survey in question is indeed a fake SWS survey, it will confirm my informer’s allegation that the station is being used by some PR firms. To further bolster this theory, consider this:

The GMA Network Drama

What is this drama or moro-moro between GMA network stations, trying to confirm the authenticity of a survey that was first reported by their sister station (please refer back to the GMA Online link)? Since their sister station, DZBB, was one of the the first to report it – why not ask the question directly to Mr. Enriquez? Why do they have to go through a drama of asking the SWS? Mr. Enriquez or one of the staffs got the survey in question somewhere and that person knows where it came from. Why the runaround or ligoy-ligoy? Was it from a legitimate source or was it from a PR firm? That is the question. So what’s this “palabas” all about. This makes me more suspicious of the whole GMA network. Are they all in cahoots in spreading this dubious survey? Paging Attorney Felipe Gozon!


The Administration’s Desperation and Insecurity Against Pnoy

If the survey in question is indeed a fake SWS survey, it exposes a deep insecurity of the Duterte administration towards our ex-President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. And the reasons are obvious that I need not enumerate them one by one except to say that even at the simple level of “statesmanship” there is a great gap between them. Perhaps the administration is having hard time catching up with Pnoy, with it’s grandiose plan unable to commence with various obstacles hindering it – a simple sign of incompetence, underestimating what these kinds of plans entail. But the good news for us anti’s is that the administration is so desperate that they have to engage in this kind of cheap scam to make them look good before the public. But why are they doubtful of the public approval for the administration when they have always been saying that Duterte is extremely popular? Perhaps they know something we don’t know, something that makes them shudder. We shall see.


Conclusion – I Can Only Shake My Head in Dismay and Complain to SWS for their Ambiguous Stand

Shaking my head in utter disgust, replying to SWS with my complaint is all I could do; from my email’s “sent” messages:

Of course, they haven’t responded yet and probably they never will.

With all the information on the dubious survey I presented so far, you be the judge. As for me, this is clearly a fake survey unless it is confirmed by the very organization it supposedly originated from, the SWS. Only in Duterte’s Philippines! is all I can whine, with a deep sigh. Everyone and every organization have been intimidated. This has got to stop…

“With all the information on the dubious survey I presented here so far, you be the judge.”


Next: Our Next Battleground will be charter change and federalism. Watch out!


(Disclaimer: everything expressed in this blog is an opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the truth. -Lulu Mendez)

* * * * * * *


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Explosive Exposé of U.S. Congressional Investigation on Chinese Telecom Z.T.E. & Huawei; Duterte May be Putting our Country under Chinese Control!

The Dangers of Inviting Chinese Telecom Companies


Just read the headlines below and judge for yourself: Can we trust the Chinese to build and operate telecommunication facilities for us? You will see the answer here…

Screenshot - 12_20_2017 , 11_23_00 PM A


Screenshot - 12_20_2017 , 11_25_30 PM


Screenshot - 12_20_2017 , 11_31_21 PM



(Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is an opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the truth. – Lulu Mendez)


As early as 2012, the United State congress has been conducting an investigation on two top Chinese telecommunication companies, Z.T.E. and Huawei, and found them to be highly suspicious of massive spying activities. Here are the few highlights of their investigation, quoted directly from the link above:

“Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said committee investigators received ‘numerous allegations’ from U.S. companies that equipment bought from Huawei sent unauthorized data to computers in China.

‘That’s a serious problem,’ Rogers said at a news conference to release the results of an 11-month investigation into Huawei and another Chinese tech giant, ZTE. ‘It could be a router that turns on in the middle of the night, starts sending back large data packs, and it happens to be sent back to China.’

Rogers declined to identify companies that had complained about suspicious data transfers. But he and Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (Md.), the committee’s ranking Democrat, recommended that the U.S. government and American firms avoid using equipment from the Chinese firms for tasks that involve large amounts of sensitive data. The two lawmakers said the firms’ close ties to the Chinese government pose a threat to national security.”

And take note: many of their concerns were limited to equipment or gadgets, but here in the Philippines, we are talking about the whole telecommunication infrastructure! the President is considering allowing the Chinese to build and operate a whole telecom system! This simply means the Chinese could easily control our entire telecommunication network if they want to, and judging from their actions, especially their brazenly illegal act with regards to our territorial waters, they probably will. Though, outwardly, they are presented as “private” Chinese companies, in reality, there is no purely private company in China as the authoritarian government always has influence and control over any company as they see fit.

“US legislators have expressed concern that Huawei and ZTE act as front companies for the Chinese government, and represent a grave ‘cyber-security threat.'”

Furthermore, the Chinese have a record of using their expertise in spying using their telecom technology – they have successfully enticed several repressive countries like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to build telecom infrastructure there with the capability for those countries to spy on their own citizens. This means the Chinese can even help Duterte government to spy on us and even trace us! which would be very dangerous for us anti-Duterte’s. We should never allow this to happen.

“This means the Chinese can even help Duterte government to spy on us and even trace us! which would be very dangerous for us anti-Duterte’s. We should never allow that to happen.”


For these reasons, China application for entry was denied in several countries like the United Kingdom, and in India, where they responded to the Chinese request with a firm, “absolutely not!”

And the Chinese are known to provide very generous deals to poor countries with offers they cannot resist, and are also known to offer bribes. You probably remember the ZTE scandal during the time of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo where several officials were said to have received bribes. So the question is, what exactly was Duterte offered by the Chinese that he is trying so desperately to bring them here at all cost, even to the point of issuing an illegal order for the courts “not to interfere” with the Chinese telecom project. The offer must have been very irresistible.

“… (the Chinese) are also known to offer bribes… So the question is, what exactly was Duterte offered by the Chinese that he is trying so desperately to bring them here at all cost, even to the point of issuing an illegal order for the courts ‘not to interfere’ with the Chinese telecom project. The offer must have been very irresistible.”



…and why the rush, what’s the real deal?..




We must stop Duterte’s plan to allow the Chinese to build and control telecommunication facilities here in the Philippines. To say Duterte is endangering our national security will not be enough; he might be endangering our sovereignty and our national well-being as well. Once we allow the Chinese take over our telecom system, we are practically finished, with the Chinese controlling all our vital telecom networks with their vast technical know-how and technology. And once this is done, the Chinese can control the whole country – the Philippines will be under virtual Chinese occupation and control. We will probably lose our offshore territories for good. And further, if we fall into their debt-trap – a whole new problem and topic – we will forever be under their subjugation. Far-fetched? perhaps, but theoretically, it is totally possible. So before it’s too late, we must stop the President from pursuing his plan of bringing in the Chinese to take control of our telecommunication network. This is of utmost importance – our national interest, nay our lives, may be at stake here. So please let us all fight this, fight hard!

“So before it’s too late, we must stop the President from pursuing his plan of bringing in the Chinese to take control of our telecommunication network. This is of utmost importance – our national interest, nay our lives, may be at stake here. So please let us all fight this, fight hard!”


Kris Aquino for Senator! She’s Our Only Hope Against Duterte Senate Slate, Please Show Her Your Support

Y6yQkWJB20160605-kris_aquino_and_pnoy-001 rszed
…with beautiful photo gallery of Kris Aquino inside…

On Facebook, please join:


We Need to Persuade – Nay, Push – Kris Aquino to Lead the Opposition Senate Slate – Let Us Show Her Our Utmost Support

First of all, let me make one thing very clear: this endorsement of Kris Aquino for the Senate has nothing to do with the recent selection of a porno starlet as one of the candidate for the P.D.P. Laban senatorial ticket. I will never put a superstar side-by-side with a starlet simply because they are beyond comparison. Having clarified that, let’s begin…


As you all know, our shamelessly opportunistic politicians have all but sold their souls to the the administration, where porks and perks lie awaiting for them. Not only that, the administration holds the treasury with almost unlimited amount of funds for the campaign, including funds for their extensive social media networks spreading info’s and lies that favor them. Under these circumstances, it is very difficult, especially for the new faces, to get into the 12 magic slots in the senate race. Therefore, we desperately need a very popular personality who can lead and carry the slate for the opposition and who can help the other members of the party win the election. Who else could be a better choice than Ms. Kris Aquino? – only she can carry the slate for the opposition to its victory.

“Therefore, we desperately need a very popular personality who can lead and carry the slate for the opposition and who can help the other members of the party win the election. Who else could be a better choice than Ms. Kris Aquino? – only she can carry the slate for the opposition to its victory.”


There is probably no other choice for us. Otherwise, it will likely end in a total defeat, except for the well-known ones – alas, so far there is only one such person in the slate but fortunately for us, he is a sure winner – reelectionist senator, Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV.  So the opposition has a lots and lots of work ahead to do, to look for viable candidates and to introduce and  familiarize them to the public. At any rate, for these newbies, the opposition, led by the Liberal Party, need to introduce them immediately so they can be acquainted with the public at the soonest.


Some Early Choices for the Opposition Senate Slate

The major opposition party, the Liberal Party, has so far considered only couple of candidates led by reelectionist senator, Bambam Aquino. Teddy Baguilat, L.P. vice president for internal affairs, said another possible candidate is former Quezon Representative Erin Tañada, and of course, if I may add, Mr. Baguilat himself, having shown himself to be a very articulate politician. Here are the list of possible candidates:

Bam_Aquino rsz
Bam Aquino – a sure winner, reelectionist senator;


 Gary Alejano rsz
Gary Alejano 
– the most vocal opposition congressman and a close ally of Senator Antonio Trillanes III;


teddy 2
Teddy Baguilat – a very articulate congressman from the opposition, active in anti-Duterte activities;


Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada III – a scion of a of a very illustrious political clan, a three-term congressman and a former Deputy Speaker of Congress for Luzon…


Jose-Manuel-Diokno-620x462 rsz
Jose Manuel Diokno – son of another well-known political figure, the founding dean of the De La Salle University College of Law, chairman of the Free Legal Assistance Group, and former special counsel of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee;


Florin Ternal Hilbay – former Solicitor General, 1999 bar top-notcher and a vocal critic of Duterte administration, and also the legal counsel for the politically persecuted senator, Leila de Lima; and,


Manolo-at-Palace rsz
Manuel Luis “Manolo” Quezon III  – a writer, television host and the grandson of President Manuel L. Quezon. A serious political analyst but with a bit of playfulness with his humorous g.i.f. posts on twitter – a quality that can allure many voters…


…and of course, we desperately need at least one celebrity for the simple reason that they are the most winnable candidates owing to their popularity and name-recall…

Dingdong Dantes


These are just the starting line-up, and here are some other anti-administration personalities we can consider: Korina Sanchez, Agot isidro, Lea Navarro, Jim Paredes, Jover Laurio… we can all add to this list new names as they come along.

My earnest plea for these prospective candidates: If you are asked, please do not think about the party or your own personal reasons or interests but instead, please think about the country – and this is indeed for the country  where a virtual dictator now reigns and lords over us, especially the poor; please don’t forget that. We urgently need your service – service for the country!  – Lulu Mendez


As you’ve seen, it is very difficult to find viable or winnable candidates for the senate and this is precisely the reason that I chose Kris Aquino to carry the torch for the opposition. And my choice for Kris has solid basis:



Having just been awarded the best online influencer or advertiser award, or in simple words, the best endorser, there is no doubt Kris Aquino is the best person to lead the opposition in its quest for the senate elections victory and – the senate majority. So let us all work, work very hard, for this quest and let us full-heartedly support “Kris for Senate” campaign.  Watch out, D.D.S., Kris is coming… to get you!

“Watch out, D.D.S., Kris is coming… to get you!”


…but then, the Senate is not the only thing I had in mind when I picked Kris, I’m thinking ahead…
…what if…
if Sara Duterte runs for the President in 2022…


* * * * * * *


* * * * * * *

Bonus – Kris Aquino Photo Album


The Fall of Duterte Part II: The A.F.P. & the D.N.D. Chiefs Show Support for V.P. Leni by Rejecting Duterte’s Revolutionary Government!




The Fall of Duterte Part II – the First Hint of Revolt from Within


I was so excited by this news that I decided to write a short commentary on it. Believe me, this shocking development is a very important one – the A.F.P. and the D.N.D. Chiefs both rejecting Duterte’s revolutionary government in front of the Vice President is tantamount to rejecting Duterte and supporting Leni! a rebellion?

“In-assure tayo, in no uncertain terms, both ni Secretary Lorenzana saka ni AFP chief of staff Guerrero, na hindi sila susuporta sa revolutionary government at [sa] kahit anong threat sa ating Konstitusyon,” Robredo told reporters after the briefing.


These are strong words, and the implication of this development could be far-reaching. For D.N.D. Secretary Lorenzana, it is like saying “fire me” to the President. Why have these two officials taken the hard-line stance against Duterte’s revolutionary governement? Perhaps, they both disdained the President’s unjustified war in Marawi, resulting in its total destruction just going after few hundred bandits, or perhaps, they didn’t want to involve themselves in what is clearly an illegal act. I’ve been saying that if a revolt against Duterte comes, it will start from within:


This is because, to repeat, it’s the people within the circle of the President who feels the heat more than anyone else, including the opposition. They are the ones who implement the President’s radical, and sometimes unreasonable and illegal, programs where they can be made to legally account for them someday. Not only that, they are the first ones to be at the receiving end of the temper tantrums of the President who is known for his volatile temperament that can put pressure on anyone – I am pretty sure that no one in the Palace feels comfortable there. Not all men of the President are rascals; there are some good men inside who will not tolerate the President’s shenanigans, or mga kalokohan, much longer. But why far reaching? Because once the ball starts rolling, it can lead a chain reaction later where others within the administration will start to follow suit. So it’s just a matter of starting the ball rolling, and if nothing is done to stop it, it will cascade into an unstoppable deluge. I’ve already wrote three commentaries predicting the fall of Duterte since Pulong’s 6.4 billion peso shabu smuggling issue came out. This is the fourth one, and the second of a new series “the Fall of Duterte” – I can almost smell troubles brewing inside the Palace. I’m giving the Duterte administration only one year (two at the most) IF he refuses to make a big change in his governance – from that of a murderous despot to that of a more humane and reasonable one. But will he change? No – it’s because the problems comes from the defect in his character and people can’t change their character that easily, perhaps just a little, but not enough to change the course of his eventual downfall. So mga kababayan, keep watching for the troubles brewing within the Palace. It could be there where the fall of the Duterte administration could eventually start, and it can happen sooner than we all think.

“So mga kababayan, keep watching for the troubles brewing within the Palace. It could be there where the fall of the Duterte administration could eventually start, and it can happen sooner than we all think.”


…be prepared to welcome our new president, Leni Robredo – it can come like a thief of the night…



* * * * * * *

Update November 10: As expected, Duterte expresses his displeasure over the issue with sarcastic remarks. The question is – will he dare fire both the AFP and the DND chiefs? Let us wait and see.


* * * * * * *


Surprisingly, the usually impulsive president handled the delicate situation very well – he has successfully thwarted what could have ended in a disaster for his administration. He abandoned the revolutionary government (as I expected) and not only that, he didn’t give in to his impulse this time but prudently decided to retain both of his rebellious sons. We’ll have to give credit to the inglorious fellow – the President, I mean – this time. But we have to give the most credit to the two brave men of the administration: AFP Chief of Staff Rey Leonardo Guerrero and Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, who, by their rejection of the President’s revolutionary government, might have prevented a potential disaster for the country – and – who stood bravely behind our beloved Vice President Leni Robredo on this issue – salute to the two gentlemen.


We are now in a stalemate position where the situation can go on and on for an indefinite period of time – no action, no rebellion, but the status quo. As much as I loathe the situation, the ticking-bomb president is a disaster waiting to happen and there is a good possibility that this stalemate will be broken, sooner or later…

The President with Mayor’s Mentality III: the End is Coming – 15 Signs of his Impending Fall

This is the third of the series which I started on the inauguration day of President Duterte – The President with Mayor’s Mentality – where I accurately predicted what kind of government Duterte administration will be. On the first part, I predicted that he is a mayor at heart and for this reason, he would probably fail and that is what has been happening:


On Part II, I wrote that as the President refuses to change or graduate from a mayor to a president, the tide will be turning against him and protests will start of mount slowly but surely:


And now, the tide has turned… let us start…

d30 prob

(Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is an opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the truth. -Lulu Mendez)

-Divided in 5 Parts with 15 signs-



I started to write this series of “Duterte’s Fall” commentaries expecting a big fall in the President’s ratings in the coming surveys…


Screenshot - 10_12_2017 , 9_50_23 AM

And then, two days later, while I was writing this commentary, the latest S.W.S. survey results came out showing a huge 18-point drop in president’s net satisfactory rating – so big, so soon:


This serves as my 1st sign for the coming fall of the Duterte administration…

Sign #1

Screenshot - 10_9_2017 , 1_43_25 AM B

…and this survey revealed another painful truth for the administration…

Sign #2 – the Alienation of the Masses, Classes D & E, which Holds the Big Majority of the Votes

Even the scarcely educated poor knows that D.D.S. goes only after the poor, which is a solid fact – 99.9 percent of all the e.j.k. victims are poor. This is clearly proven in the latest survey where the poor gave the President his lowest rating. But the problem for the administration is that they hold vast majority of the votes! Will our ever-opportunistic politicians ignore this fact and will they drop the administration one by one? Yes they will when the ratings drop any further! Notice the steady drop in the rating among classes D & E.


What could be a better evidence or sign than a sharp fall in supposedly very popular president’s rating, especially among the most numerous number of people in classes D & E? And with this, we shall begin…

The President with a Mayor’s Mentality III: the Tide has Turned and the Fall has Begun – the Signs of his Impending Fall



The recent months have been taxing and devastating for the administration of President Duterte. First, there was a case of the smuggling of 6.4 billion pesos (and possibly 28.9 billion pesos) worth of shabu, smuggled right under the President’s nose and through his Customs at that! How can this happen under this supposedly, and very vocal, anti-drug crusading (kuno?) president? His gross hypocricy has just been exposed.

Sign #3 – the Case of 6.4 Billion Pesos Shabu Smuggled in 5 Crates & the Missing 18 Crates Possibly Worth 22.5 Billion Pesos More

But it did not end there. To add to the President’s problem, his son Paulo’s name came up during the congressional investigation of that shabu smuggling case which opened a can full of worms and which made many people suspect that “Pulong” might have been involved in the smuggling. And what’s more damaging is the fact that angry people all over the social media started a “never forget” campaign against Paolo.

Sign #4 – the Pulong-gate!!!Paolo

Then, next series of troubles started with the sensational murders of several minors allegedly e.j.k’d by the police. According to some analysts, this is the major reason for the fall in the President’s rating and I believe so as this issue had been bombarded by major t.v. news networks almost everyday for several days, and even weeks.

Sign #5 – Public Outcry Over the Cold-Blooded Murders of the Minors


Then, it climaxed with the exposé of Duterte family’s billion peso bank transactions by the ombudsman, thereby exposing the possibility of the existence of 2 billion pesos hidden wealth account of the President, as alleged by Senator Trillanes. This prompted the administration to panic and scramble for excuses after excuses with no rhyme or rhythm, and this also prompted me to write my first commentary predicting the possible fall of Duterte administration with Part I of the new series, the Fall of Duterte:

Sign #6 – Possible Secret Bank Account & Violation of SALN Law22046034_1299677420162072_8731518393039964611_n

The last three evidences were the ones primarily responsible for the huge drop in the President’s rating. The Administration has turned completely defensive since then and has totally lost its composure – it’s words or excuses often incoherent, interspersed with occasional lies. These issues made the President deeply frustrated, prompting him to whine somewhere in between all the public outcries that, “gusto ko ng mag resign, I’m not happy anymore being a president anymore,” and believe me, he is serious; I noted this possibility on Part I of this series (see the link at the topmost section) the very day he took over as the President. But these frustrations of his could be a double-edged sword for him and instead of turning meek, he can also turn more aggressive to a near manic level and he might “blow his top” more often so we better watch out for this too and this is no joke!

Sign #7 – An Old, Tired and Frustrated President

Screenshot - 10_2_2017 , 10_55_49 AM

maxresdefault small

And the latest results of the survey will make the administration more defensive. I’ve already written two commentary blogs since then predicting the coming fall of Duterte government, the second one prompted by this news about some e.j.k. cops seeking Church sanctuary and their willingness to tell it all. This could turn out to be the most devastating one for the administration that the concerned public must keep their eyes on.

Sign #8 – A Potentially Explosive Development

Screenshot - 10_2_2017 , 9_55_11 AM



The Duterte government has been losing its grip from day one. Almost all its programs are at standstill, including its lofty or shall I say, overambitious, Build, Build, Build program. One of the major causes of this is the incompetent officials Duterte appointed.

(Note: The best way to predict the success or the failure of an administration is to watch what type of people it appoints. The more it appoints its loyal followers, the more it is bound to fail – which is the case of this administration – and vice-versa.) 

Another reason is the President himself – he himself is incompetent, a president of a mayor caliber, not fit for the presidency and this is precisely the reason I started this series on the day he took office – I knew what was coming. As a mayor-class president – something he himself admitted publicly – he has miscalculated or underestimated everything in office, leaving most of his programs at standstill, half-baked, and you simply cannot run a country like a city or a town.

Sign #9 – An Incompetent PresidentMayor Solo

…and this… Sign #10 – the Incompetent Officials


…which should have been this:


Imagine these types of mistakes being repeated over and over within the bureaucracy and slowly but surely undermining the government. Just today, there was another report of the same type of error committed by some of our officials – the Philippine government using the Taiwan government’s department logo while welcoming a Chinese department official, an error later pointed out by the Chinese authority.


Some of these errors have been caught but many are unseen like insidious pests slowly destroying the government from the inside.

Here are some examples of incompetence of this administration:

  • Duterte’s pet project federalism hasn’t even reached round one after more than a year.
  • The administration’s flagship Build, Build, Build project, as expected, is stymied by all kinds of bottleneck, from financing, planning – and most likely – even up to execution. Again, its arrogant “hell to pay” economic manager has grossly underestimated the problem of such overambitious project.


  • It’s well-meaning but not-so-competent agricultural official boasted that he will attain rice self-sufficiency for the country, but which is “nowhere to be seen” up to now.
  • Duterte’s lack of leadership has kept his government almost at a standstill, hardly budging – where the staffs are incompetent, the leader must be capable to take up the slack, and vice versa. But in our case, both are incompetent, and therefore, hardly accomplishing anything meaningful – a recipe to disaster.

To further add to these woes is Duterte and his cohorts’ penchant for engaging in useless, non-productive activities:

  • Wasting precious time and energy trying to impeach several officials it considers as its enemies;
  • Seriously engaging with all its critics even when it could have just let them be, and again, wasting its precious time and resources;
  • Fondness of the President going out of town, making same ol’ inane, profanity-laden, speeches everywhere.
  • And just yesterday, our congress initiated an impeachment proceedings against a newly-resigned official! May we ask, what for?! …utter stupidity, but let us see if they are really stupid enough to pursue it.

And of course, the e.j.k.’s condemned world-wide which has become so counterproductive that it has adversely affected the economy; next.



This is so comprehensive that I want to classify each category here as separate evidences but I will be little kind to the administration and so I will bunch them together as one evidence. I wrote a commentary during the early days of Duterte administration, saying that even if other things might not push him to his fall, the economy will.


Yes, to be fair to the Duterte it is true that he has attained highest first-year G.D.P. growth among all his immediate predecessors…


but the seemingly (it’s actually misleading) good news stops there. First, Duterte has been just riding on high economic growth built by his predecessor Noynoy Aquino and benefiting from it. But the economy under his administration has actually been declining. Where Aquino built the economy to reach 7% G.D.P. growth, Duterte administration G.D.P. immediately went on the decline from that high and has been steadily declining since then.

Sign #11 – Economic Downfall


And here are some of the reasons why – the breakdown of the economic performance of this administration:




Current Acct.



That about summarizes the economic performance of the Duterte administration. The success of its “Build, Build, Build” project will be crucial if it wanted to stem the fall of the economy, and at the moment, this is the only hope left for this administration. But will the reasonably competent economic team of the administration be able to execute the plan? Perhaps, to a moderate degree if – and that’s a big if, the administration remains in power. But will it?



Sign #12 – 13,000 Extra-Judicial Killings and World-Wide Condemnation

I don’t have to explain this issue – everybody is aware of it as this has been the issue that has most adversely affected this administration from the beginning up to now and will perhaps continue to be so in the future. This government has shown no sign of totally stopping e.j.k. and I strongly believe everyone involved in it should be prosecuted by the next administration…

Sign #13 – the Willful and Treasonous Neglect of Our Territorial Rights Won through International Court

Another issue that needs no explanation. Suffice to say, there are many people who are alarmed by this treasonous neglect of our territorial rights to the West Philippines Seas by this administration and the problem for the administration is that those people include some of our most prominent figures in our society.

Sign #14 – Antagonizing Our Real Allies Particularly the U.S.

The U.S. provides us with all types of benefits. They are one of our biggest donors and trading partners, who has been consistently providing us with large trade surpluses and the biggest dollar remittances, not to mention call center businesses earning for us billions of dollars. No other nation has given us so much economic and other benefits than the U.S. and yet, Duterte has been trying to downgrade and even impair our relationship with them ever since he took office, favoring our enemy instead; next.

Sign #15 – Befriending and Fawning Over China, while Unwittingly Putting Us into their Debt-Trap

Duterte has been fawning over China from day 1 like an obedient servant, giving unhampered access to our W.P.S. territories without any objection or resistance, and obtaining billions of dollars of aid pledges, where many warn that they could turn into debt-trap which will eventually only benefit the Chinese with their exorbitant interest while putting our country at their mercy, just like what happened in Venezuela:

Venezuela’s Road to Disaster Is Littered With Chinese Cash

But of course I didn’t include one of the most important signs, but it’s too delicate that I will let Ms. Agot Isidro handle it…


So now ask yourself, my friends, where is this administration taking us to? To the road to perdition you might say.  Under these circumstances, can this government accomplish anything meaningful? Judging from what’s been happening, the answer is a clear “NO.” So the ultimate question is: will we allow them, or more clearly, can this type of government survive? No, right? That is exactly the reason why it is bound to fall…


So What Shall the Administration Do?

The administration should…
…though I know the best way (but not necessarily an effective one) for them to extricate themselves from all their troubles, I will not waste my time educating them. With all the highly credible accusations against this administration, many of them which are criminal in nature, I believe they should all be sitting in Bilibid, not in Malacañang; so on with their self-inflicted fall they deserve…


The Next Possible Scenarios

I believe there will be basically 3 possible scenarios in the coming days.

  1. The administration will panic and the President will start to whine again, saying something like, “I’m not happy anymore, I want to resign,” and let’s hope he will do so this time. Seriously, their panic will lead them to take some corrective actions on the issues concerned on one hand, and to another chain of errors, on the other. They will be making more incoherent excuses and at the same time, I’m expecting more panic-induced blunders and aggression, which will make the situation worse. But on the other hand…
  2. The administration will pretend as if nothing happened but at the same time try to address the causes of the fall its survey ratings, probably through a lot of P.R. jobs. Will it work? Perhaps to a small degree but until they seriously address the issues concerned, the downward trend will continue.  The administration might sincerely pursue some changes and they might partially succeed. But can this impulsive president sustain it? This is where I have my doubts. He would probably create other troubles and the fall will continue even if it might be delayed – the administration just has too much contentious programs in its agenda, not to mention the erratic-aggressive character of its leader. Keep in mind what I stated earlier, that he might blow his top when he becomes too frustrated.
  3. The administration will become more aggressive in its response and knowing that its hold on the power might be at risk, it might opt to take a more aggressive and dangerous route, like revolutionary government and/or martial law, to keep itself in power. Let’s hope not. ..Or perhaps, it will be some combination of the 3.

At any rate, believe me or not, it is finished, and it is not a matter of whether it will or not, but just a matter of when – a matter of time. The reason is simple: the country cannot afford to go down or deteriorate any further. People, including some prominent figures of our society, including the members of so-called civil society, will not allow it. So the long (or perhaps, a short) fall of the Duterte administration has definitely begun. Let’s us be vigilant and keep watching.

…and beware of the coming season of our national fruit – the balimbing. Do not be fooled again by those opportunist rascals and you know who they are…


Note: after I started this series of “Duterte’s Fall” commentaries, two other commentaries came out on local news sites written by two prominent writers with the same theme but viewed and analyzed from different angles. They are good and recommended reads:







Sign #01 – a Huge 18-Points Drop in the President’s Satisfactory Rating

Sign #02 – the Alienation of the Masses, Classes D & E, which Hold the Big Majority of the Votes


Sign #03 – the Case of 6.4 Billion Pesos Shabu Smuggled in 5 Crates & the Missing 18 Crates Possibly Worth 22.5 Billion Pesos More

Sign #04 – Pulong-gate – Paolo Duterte’s possible involvement in smuggling

Sign #05 – the Cold-Blooded Murders of Minors Carl, Kian, Reynaldo et al

Sign #06 – Possible Secret Bank Account & Violation of SALN Law – an impeachable offense

Sign #07 – An Old, Tired and Frustrated President

Sign #08 – A Potentially Explosive Development – E.J.K. cops seeking church sanctuary


Sign #09 –  Incompetent President

Sign #10 –  Incompetent Appointed Officials


Sign #11 – Economic Downfall


Sign #12 – 13,000 Extra-Judicial Killings and World-Wide Condemnation

Sign #13 – the Willful and Treasonous Neglect of Our Territorial Rights Won through International Court

Sign #14 – Antagonizing Our Real Allies Particularly the U.S.

Sign #15 – Befriending and Fawning Over China, while Unwittingly Putting Us into their Debt-Trap


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The Fall of Duterte Part I : the Fall has Started – News Alert: E.J.K. Cops Seeks Church Protection, Ready to Talk!

Screenshot - 10_2_2017 , 9_55_11 AM

“Some law enforcers sought the help of the Catholic Church and said they are ready to expose all they know about the wave of drug-related killings in the country.” This could turn out to be one of the most devastating, if the not the most, developments in Duterte administration; let’s hope so.


(Thanks to Madam Aguida & Sarkastiko Tasyo – Writing in Tandem #EJK4fanatics for sharing this news. -Lulu Mendez)

This could turn out to be one of the most, if the not the most, devastating developments in Duterte administration as it may cascade into chain reaction; let’s hope so.


The Crumbling Administration of President Duterte

With the Paolo and Davao Group smuggling syndicate exposé, continuing with the brutal murders of several minors, Carl, Kian and Reynaldo et al, and the ombudsman explosion of Duterte family’s “extravagant” bank transactions totaling 1 billion pesos, the gradual but sure fall of Duterte administration has begun. Now to continue the process, several policemen fed up with e.j.k. have sought Church protection in their effort to protest, expose and stop the murders that were obviously forced upon them. IF this is their honest-to-goodness intention, then it is almost certain that the long awaited fall of this administration has just begun, or perhaps had been starting already. Duterte administration has been on the defensive every since the Pulong exposé and the President himself has shown many signs of distress and frustration, and we may have entered into a delicate, or even dangerous, crossroad: his administration may crumble and yield -or- it may chose to fight back more fiercely, especially through martial law or revolutionary government – either way, it will be the beginning of the end of the administration.

“…and we may have entered into a delicate, or even dangerous, crossroad: his administration may crumble and yield -or- it may chose to fight back more fiercely… – either way, it will be the beginning of the end of the administration.”


Screenshot - 10_2_2017 , 10_55_49 AM

Let’s just watch out for the balimbings and never accept these opportunists, and be ready to charge them if they were accomplices to any of the crimes of the administration. Let us also be ready to protect Vice President Leni. If things go bad for the administration, their vassals might try to do everything to remove the Vice President from her seat.

“Let’s just watch out for the balimbings and never accept these opportunists…  Let us also be ready to protect Vice President Leni. If things go bad for the administration, their vassals might try to do everything to remove the Vice President from her seat.”


The Glorious Time of “Presdent Leni” May be Dawning Upon Us


It may seem remote to most of you but at any rate, we must be prepared for the Presidency of our beloved V.P. Leni. It might turn out to be a very arduous and bloody process but we must fight to protect the Vice President and her right to the seat of the President at all cost. Be vigilant, be prepared. It may come, “like a thief of the night.” #ProtectVPLeni

(Note: the President has been showing some signs of senility, and I’ve been entertaining this naughty thought that this administration might end in an anti-climatic way, with his own people removing him from his “throne” for being “unfit for the office.” But of course, it is perhaps just my wishful thinking.)


For all justice-loving people who have been disgusted by the numerous “crimes” of this administration, this is a welcome development and something they, and all of us, should be watching out for – the fall of the Duterte administration – long or short – has begun. So let us be vigilant. In the meantime, never forget:

0001032738 MFDhttps://mciwordpresscom.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/duterte-bank-account-caught-with-billion-pesos-transaction-senator-trillanes-wins-is-this-the-beginning-of-the-end/


!!!Paolo IIbhttps://mciwordpresscom.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/shocking-photos-revelations-that-indicate-paolo-duterte-might-be-the-real-smuggling-king-of-davao-city/


…and for the most infamous part of my commentary:

(Disclaimer: everything expressed in this blog is an opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the truth.)

Duterte Bank Account Caught with Billion Pesos Transaction! Senator Trillanes Wins – Is this the Beginning of the End?


The Case of a Magical Twist of Events – Hands of Malacañang Frantically at Work


Senator Trillanes, you win!

At the long last, what Senator Trillanes has been telling us is finally being proven systematically – step by step – by the ombudsman. Duterte indeed seems to have millions and millions, and probably billions, of pesos in hidden wealth, that might make him one of the biggest crook in government. The ombudsman with the help of AMLC (later denied) is currently investigating the wealth of Duterte family and it might be just a matter of time that their whole hidden wealth will be uncovered and it is not entirely impossible it could exceed the 2 billion pesos mentioned by Trillanes.




The Case Against the President

Non-declaration of his entire wealth by an impeachable official on his SALN is an impeachable offense and therefore an impeachable government official not doing so is liable for impeachment by the Senate.  This means President Duterte can be impeached if the ombudsman can prove that he failed to list all his wealth on his S.A.L.N.

“This means President Duterte can be impeached if the ombudsman can prove that he failed to list ALL his wealth on his S.A.L.N.”


If you recall, Former Chief Justice Renato Corona was impeached precisely for this offense. So if it is proven that the President has an undeclared wealth on his SALN by the Ombudsman, that is a clear ground for impeachment where the lawmakers involved in the impeachment process will have to either impeach him, or acquit him and put themselves to shame. But the problem is, most of them are shameless palace vassals. So the real trouble for the administration will come from the opposition. The administration has been attacked and on the defensive ever since the Paolo exposé and the cold-blooded murders of the minors Carl, Kian, Reynaldo, et al, that had the President rattled and frustrated, making him say, “gusto ko ng mag resign, I’m not happy anymore being a president anymore,” and believe me, he means it. I know this man very well and I predicted this sort of thing on his inauguration day, on my first blog, where I wrote:  I will not be surprised if he himself gives up if he gets frustrated and resign – I have seen him getting easily frustrated.


This means that he can be easily pressured and that’s what the opposition must do, put on more and more pressure until he gives in…


With this discovery, our saintly President might turn out to be a complete crook, a fake crusader and if so, there is absolutely nothing left in him to warrant his stay as a president – he has completely lost his moral ascendancy to continue. So could this be the beginning of the end?

…So we thought but the great cover-up has begun – next… (From hereon, it’s up to you which side to believe)

“So could this be the beginning of the end? …So we thought but the great cover-up has begun…”


The Administration Panicked! And the Cover-up Begins

The desperate administration strikes back – Duterte started to almost immediately harass the Ombudsman with another of his underhand tactics, showing yet again his dictatorial tendencies whenever he is trapped into a corner.  And three relevant events occur almost simultaneously – 1) the President makes a threat…



2) the administration hit-man comes with a stern warning against Ombudsman…

Screenshot - 9_29_2017 , 9_20_29 AM Master


3) then, like a magic, AMLC comes in with a denial…

DK0wfoaWkAU_Aeh 2


Was AMLC here a victim of Palace Hitman? or is this true? I let you to decide for yourselves, my friends.


The Possibile Cover-up and the Investigation Going to Naught – We Must be Vigilant

With these intervening events coming in like a magic immediately after the the exposé, it won’t be surprising at all if this investigation of the Ombudsman is totally scuttled or sabotaged by the palace people in the coming days. We must be vigilant. But if indeed the information given by the ombudsman is true, President Duterte is nothing more than the worst crook in the history of the Philippines, and how can he govern the country effectively with all these seemingly well-founded accusations saddled on his back:

  • Extra-judicial killings of 13,000 mostly poor people, including even minors, under his administration – making his administration a mass murderer regime:


  • The biggest haul of drugs smuggled right under his nose with the possible involvement of his son, Paolo, and what’s worse, he has done nothing about it – making him a virtual accomplice with drug smugglers:



  • Committing treason by giving up our territorial rights to China – making him a traitor;


  • Unjustifiably declaring martial law in Mindanao and unjustifiably destroying a whole city of Marawi – making him a virtual dictator;
  • Obvious framing up of his enemies, most prominently of Senator Leila de Lima – making him a criminal:



  • Releasing all big time thieves under detention – making him accomplice with criminals:


  • And now, with the possible billions of pesos in hidden wealth – possibly making him a corrupt official


And so, why is he still the president? He has completely lost his credibility and without it, he cannot govern us effectively anymore. With his grip on the government weakened, we must immediately demand the followings:

  • Release of Senator Leila de Lima who was clearly framed up by this corrupt administration
  • Immediately stop his e.j.k.’s disguised as anti-drug war…
  • Lift martial law in Mindanao except Marawi
  • And of course, his resignation.




The Earthquake Who Single-Handedly Shook and Rattled the Entire Administration

Senator  Antonio Trillanes III deserves all the praise for his good and tireless work – this work was solely his and all credits go to him. What he has been telling us is being proven little by little – that Duterte has 2 billion pesos hidden in the bank. But for the final result, we must wait for the completion of the investigation by the Ombudsman, and hope and pray that no “magic” is performed this time to thwart it. This administration that has been pretending to be a clean, spotless judge – a demigod – acting as a righteous executioner of criminals, executing, nay murdering, thousands of poor, including many innocent, people, is turning out to be a corrupt one. Duterte, who has lied on numerous occasions by his own admission, has been discredited as a president. Perhaps, its time for him to go but will he resign? Judging from the way he’s fighting this hidden wealth allegation tooth and nail, he will definitely not.


What’s Ahead

The administration will try its very best to hold on to its dear life and troubles will continue brewing. But rejoice, mga kababaya, I believe half the battle has already been won. The momentum has clearly shifted in our favor. The discredited and beleaguered administration has turned completely defensive the last several days because of the cascading problems against it the last couple months. Therefore, what we patriotic citizens should be doing is to keep on pushing and pushing this administration until it changes for the better or falls – it is our right enshrined in the constitution to do so. President Duterte has completely lost his right to sit as our president. His time has come. This is the time to be united and fight together. Just like the case of Pulong’s 6.4 billion pesos shabu where everyone worked hard to expose it and keep it from going into oblivion – Never Forget – let’s do the same for this one: Never Forget the 2 Billion Pesos Hidden Wealth of Duterte! We can already see a glimmer of light and hope at the end of our dark tunnel. Let’s go and fight… Never Forget!

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(Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is an opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the truth. -Lulu Mendez)