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The Lacson Connection – the Original Mastermind?

What would happen if you go after powerful personalities here in the Philippines? I will show you here what would indeed happen, as well as why, when and how all the accusations against Senator Leila de Lima began.

  • During the administration of Gloria M. Arroyo, then Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera filed a case against Senator Panfilo Lacson for Dacer-Corbito murder and ordered his arrest. (If you recall, the Arroyo’s and Lacson have been mortal enemies ever since Gloria took over as president.) Then, when Leila de Lima took over the D.O.J. post that same year, she pursued the case with more intensity, passion and publicity – something that probably hurt the proud senator’s macho ego and therefore, something he has probably never forgotten. (He had been hiding as a fugitive since that time and according to Senator Miriam D. Santiago, he had been under the care of his alleged patron, Senator Juan P. Enrile during those days.)
  • Even after the the case was dismissed a year after, Secretary de Lima insisted that the arrest warrant against Lacson was still valid citing that the voiding of the arrest warrant was not “immediately executory.”  And later, she went as far as saying the case can be still be reopened. This further enraged the Senator. The tenacity with which Secretary de Lima pursued Lacson for the murder has turned personal for the Senator.
  • After de Lima had Senators Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla (whom I shall, together with Lacson, call ‘the gang‘ hereafter) jailed for P.D.A.F. scam, Senator Lacson started to make his moves and this action of his tended to prove Ms. Santiago’s allegation. First, he got the so-called PDAF list in a scheme obviously made to sow confusion and to discredit the government and the D.O.J. under Secretary de Lima. At around the same time, as if on cue from the Senator, Sandra Cam came up with her own PDAF list further adding to the confusion. But de Lima handled this issue deftly and the plot flopped. (If you recall, Sandra Cam, a self-confessed jueteng bagman, was first brought in (by Lacson, chief accuser against the Arroyo’s?) to a jueteng hearing in senate to point an accusing finger – rightly or not – against Congressman Mikey Arroyo, the son of his most hated enemies, the Arroyo’s. This made some naughty-minded people wonder that Ms. Cam might have been a jueteng bagman for Lacson during his P.N.P. days, as almost everybody is aware that many P.N.P. men are on the take from jueteng lords. Perhaps not.)
  • Then came the second offense. Sandra Cam probably under the instruction of her boss Lacson came up with a lurid tale about the so-called de Lima’s sex video in an obvious effort to smear de Lima and pressure her into submission; but it turned out to be a bluff. (After that all sorts of fake videos of de Lima and her driver appeared throughout the net.) When this plot failed the gang became desperate and they needed something more to bring down de Lima in their hope to extricate themselves out of jail. (Ms. Cam, supposedly a head of whistle-blowers’ group, is obviously a fake whistle-blower, because instead of supporting her fellow whistle-blower Cesar Mancao, she supported Lacson, the accused, in the Dacer-Corbito case. And just to smear de Lima she came up with a silly but despicable allegation – her first sex tale – that Mancao & de Lima were romatically involved. This became their new smear tactic template, linking almost every man to de Lima. This shows that Ms. Cam might just be another of Lacson’s ‘dirty tricks department’ people.)
  • In the meantime, the gang employed the service ex-Erap man who has a P.R. business to hit de Lima, as well as D.A.P. program of P-noy. (This was revealed to me by an informer and when I checked the media personalities involved, bingo! they were attacking de Lima and D.A.P. on every occasion.) So I tweeted the twitter account of the station and warned them, and would you believe, the P.R. guy stopped attacking de Lima! (By the way, it’s not Nimfa Ravelo; I will not divulge his name as a reward for stopping his attack.)
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  • Then the third attempt came. This time Sandra Cam appeared with a story of alleged involvement of de Lima in drug operation inside Bilibid prison. THIS IS WHERE THE ACCUSATION AGAINST DE LIMA IN DRUG OPERATION STARTED AND WHICH DUTERTE’S GOVERNMENT DECIDED TO USE WITH MUCH MORE EMBELLISHMENTSMs. Cam supplied the outline and Duterte’s people filled out the details. Unfortunately, they succeeded in convincing the public on this issue…

It is clear from these facts that de Lima is obviously a victim of false accusations made by powerful people who all have ax to grind against her. From Senator Lacson to ‘Tanda, Sexy at Pogi’ and all the way to the President himself. But why the President? Didn’t he say, I will destroy her,’ and no, he was not misquoted because I heard it myself and no, I’m not taking it out of context.

And look at the glaring contrast between the senate and congress hearings: at the senate hearing, the witness Matobato is being prosecuted and persecuted by most of the Senators, who also kicked out de Lima as the head of the committee, while at the Congress, the drug lord convicts were being aleluya’d by almost all the congressmen. And look at the congressional hearing itself: wasn’t the investigation all about drug operation inside Bilibid? But why are those major players in drug operations there, the convicted drug lords, given immunity just to point a finger at one person, who allegedly just received bribes? – the investigation is clearly lopsided. This just proves that the hearing itself was tailor-made to ‘convict’ de Lima and was not about Bilibid drug operation, per se.

And lastly, the most absurd twisting of logic by Duterte boys. If you are indeed benefitting from drug operation in Bilibid, naturally you would want to keep the status quo there, as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. To keep the status quo you would try to stop anyone who, or anything that, would interfere with the drug operation there and since you’re the boss, it would not be that difficult. You can stop or bribe anyone who tries to interfere. Hardly anybody would dare go against his boss these days because in all such cases, it has been the complainants or the whistle-blowers who ultimately got into trouble instead of their bosses, like in the cases of Mancao against Lacson, Lozada against GMA, and perhap Benhur Luy against Napoles in the future. But what did Ms. de Lima do? Instead of maintaining the status quo, she carried out Oplan Galugad and confiscated most of the illegal items and destroyed almost all of the major structures there that the drug lords built and used for their illegal operation, complete with media coverage. But how will the Duterte boys try to discredit this? There is no way – except – to come up with some ridiculous excuses, which they did – they said that it was just a palabas! or for a show. Now think, my friends. Will this supposedly very ambitious lady who’s running for the senate post destroy the very source of her campaign fund and do so just before the election? Of course not! BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID. This clearly proves that she is not involved in the drug operation there. The biggest flaw in Lacson-Cam’s tale, which was later used by the Duterte boys, was that they used “campaign fund” as the primary reason or motive behind de Lima’s involvement in drug operation in Bilibid. Destroying the operation base of the source of her campaign fund before the election does not jibe with that, or simply put, it doesn’t make sense – this is what I meant by ‘absurd twisting of logic’. And what’s worse is that many simple-minded, and biased people believe this accusation, however illogical it may be. That’s why is here – to put even just a little bit of sense into these confusions.

(Disclaimer: everything expressed in this blog is an opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the truth.)


Update 12/30/2019

Now I can prove that it is not far-fetched Sandra Cam is Lacson’s “bata.” Upon further research, I found that two other witnesses who testified Mikey Arroyo received jueteng money…

“Richard Garcia and Demosthenes Abraham Riva, retracted their testimonies linking the Arroyos to the jueteng scandal. Garcia and Riva said opposition Sen. Panfilo Lacson “coached” them into saying that the Arroyos received payola from jueteng operations.”

Now you see my theory is pretty logical…


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