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Headline September 18:


Just a week after I posted this blog, as if to read my mind and confirm my allegation, P.N.P. Chief Bato Dela Rosa proposes to bring in or assign Davao policemen to Caloocan City:



Perhaps, he sensed the trouble of D.D.S. being caught in Caloocan City and he might be trying to preempt it by making their (secret) assignment there retro-active or after-the-fact – if any D.D.S. member is caught there in Caloocan City, he can just say they that they were assigned there AFTER the e.j.k.’s. Far-fetched, coincidence or the truth? The actions of this administration has been so psychopathic that anything seems to be possible these days…


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A Handiwork of the Devil – the Murder of 14-year old Reynaldo de Guzman

Their intention was clear – to make the murder as sensational as possible to distract public attention from Paulo “Pulong” Duterte and his cases of drugs and smuggling. How much more can anyone make this murder of Reynaldo de Guzman more sensational than this – in its gruesomeness and horror – for maximum effect, maximum public attention and maximum sensationalism – just a day before the Pulong hearing at the Senate…



I had this feeling that the murder of Kian delos Santos might have been deliberately committed to distract the public attention from the drug/smuggling exposé against Paulo “Pulong” Duterte. My suspicion was bolstered when I saw this post on Twitter:


These murders of three youths were not the only cases that looked suspicious. Few day before that, about 2 days after the Paulo Duterte smuggling exposé, two news came into prominence and caught public attention:

1. the bird flu case – the question here is why was this bird flu case all of a sudden brought out into public and sensationalized when the case had been hidden since April?

2. the police initiated a “one-time, big-time” anti-drug operation where 34 alleged drug personalities where killed on a single night just for 234 grams of shabu?

Then came the sensational Kian delos Santos e.j.k. case…

And two days after that, Carl Angelo Arnaiz was killed in an alleged shootout. And later a report came out that the crime scene was “staged” or set up to make it look as if there was a real shootout but where in fact there was none:


All these events came in succession just couple of days after Mark Taguba testified about Paulo Duterte and the Davao Group smuggling syndicate, which made me suspect that there must have been a D.D.S. or an ex-D.D.S. member involved, and perhaps, he might have been assigned there in Caloocan City…

…as if to confirm the presence of D.D.S., the most gruesome
, and therefore, the most sensational, murder comes just a day before Paulo Duterte appeared before the Senate investigation. The case of Reynaldo “Kulot” de Guzman. This murder bore all the characteristics of deliberate effort to sensationalize for maximum effect and to draw maximum public attention:

1. he was very young, only 14 years old, which in itself creates more public outrage;

2. he was killed, and afterwards, stabbed 30 times, which means the stabbing was just for a show, to further sensationalize the murder;

3. his head was rapped with packaging tape making it more gruesome in its appearance; and,

4. his body was made to float on a river for a day or so, again to make the murder, and the body itself, more gruesome and ghastly;

…and to prove that this was deliberately timed for Pulong’s hearing,

5. why was Reynaldo held for days just to be murdered and his body to be found just a day before the Pulong hearing! Please don’t tell me this was just a coincidence; it was clearly set up and timed for the hearing.

“…why was Reynaldo held for days just to be murdered and his body to be found just a day before the Pulong hearing! Please don’t tell me this was just a coincidence; IT WAS CLEARLY SET UP AND TIMED FOR THE HEARING.”


!! Reynaldo de GuzmanWords of Florin Hilbay on Twitter


D.D.S. Fingerprints All Over Reynaldo’s Murder

This murder bore all the fingerprints of D.D.S. as related by Matobato in his testimony at the Senate hearing. Compare the photos D.D.S. murder victim below with that of Reynaldo’s above, they are eerily similar.

21317412_171741890061378_818729774964238373_n21317651_171742050061362_1521869908222547924_nOne of the Past D.D.S. Victims

Now you may ask, is the administration of Duterte so callous and inhuman enough to commit such an evil act? Many of you may not be aware but Duterte gained international notoriety for the murder of street-kids in Davao City when he was a mayor during late 90’s to early 2000’s. They stopped killing street-kids only after international outcry, but not after killing about 150 of them, and just like Reynaldo, most of them were stabbed to death! This CNN video from that period (the video was uploaded much later) summarizes it all:

But were they successful? Thanks to Duterte, his brutality has made all of us Filipinos insensitive to these kinds of murders and ironically for this same reason the administration’s attempt to cover-up the smuggling case of Paolo turned out to be a great flop, with people never forgetting Pulong’s drugs and smuggling cases and keeping on hitting and hitting him hard all over the social network sites.

And to conclude…

To conclude, are we, as good citizens of the Philippines supposed to allow this madness, yes insanity, to continue? We have to keep on hitting and hitting these twin issues of Pulong’s drug smuggling and the murders of these three youths. Time has come for us to act – the administration is definitely rattled, rattled pretty badly…

The best justice for Kian, Carl and Reynaldo…


is to never forget Paulo’s drugs and smuggling cases. Hit him, lets hit him hard! Tuloy-tuloy nating upakan sya!

!!!Paolo IIb


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Update Sept. 11, 2017:

Newsflash – According to a D.N.A. test, the body of Reynaldo dela Guzman positively identified by his parents is not his! But as of now, on a news interview, the parents still insist the body is that of their son, and P.A.O’s Percida Acosta strongly argued that the sample used for the test was tampered and insists the body is that of Reynaldo’s (but of course, you can always doubt Ms. Percida’s motives or intentions). 



What is this New Palabas? Is this a Part of their New “Sabotage” Script?

Just yesterday, the missing taxi driver suddenly appeared – the timing is very suspicious – and said that Carl Angelo Arnaiz acted alone and had nobody with him as his accomplice, thereby denying any knowledge of Reynaldo dela Guzman, as if to follow the script. But at any rate, it really doesn’t matter anymore. The fact is that they have sensationalized the issue by using the body of a boy, whoever it maybe, made it appear that it was that of Reynaldo’s, and attempted to distract the public attention just a day before Pulong’s drug-smuggling hearing at the Senate. The body has served its purpose and there is no more need for it, or for Reynaldo. And so they might have created this new scenario as a part of their new script – that the enemies of the administration are trying sabotage its anti-drug operation, and in this case, deliberately planting a fake body to make it look like Reynaldo and make the government look bad in the eyes of the public. But one thing is indisputable, the body clearly bore the signs of D.D.S and it was used as cover for the Pulong hearing. Read the rest (above) and you be the judge.