Lourdes “Lulu” Mendez

An non-partisan (I prefer the British term – apolitical) lady who fights for what is right and against what is wrong, whoever is involved and of whatever political party or ideology they belong. Politics is the roots of many problems in our country with blind followers often unable to see what is right or wrong. They defend their political idols even when they are clearly wrong and attack their opponents even when they are right. People should stop idolizing these politician as, believe me, none of them really care about you followers – they only care about their own personal wealth and/or their own personal glory. I used to attack and sometimes defend politicians and their followers of all colors, depending on what they had done, nothing personal. One of my favorite target was Duterte because of his e.j.k.’s in Davao City as mayor. Since he became our president, I decided to concentrate exclusively on this evil man in the meantime…

Mario Crisostomo Ibarra (nom de guerre)

A meditating hermit coming out of his meditative slumber to present his alternative view on various issues and problems affecting our society. There are so many things that are wrong in our society in the Philippines and around the word today that it would be irresponsible of me to just sit and meditate, oblivious of all problems people are facing around me. So I decided to arise and contribute whatever I can no matter how small to help make this world even a little better place to live in. This is especially true now that a madman has become our president.

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Ever since I heard news about Rodrigo Duterte killing street children somewhere between late 90’s to early 2,000’s, his name has been deeply etched in my mind and when I opened my Facebook account around 2009 he became one of my favorite targets. (Watch this old CNN video and you’ll know a bit about Mayor Duterte’s involvement in street children murders in Davao City.)

During those days – days before the 2016 elections – hardly anyone knew this man and there were only two person that I know of who attacked or criticized him. It was me and Jun Alcover, whom I met on Facebook because of this man. So with Leila de Lima, you can count me as one of the three original critics of Rodrigo Duterte – the original D.D.S hunters. But of course, Ms. de Lima gets all the credit, while we keyboard warriors deserve only 0.1% of the credit…

I decided to create this M.C.I. WordPress account after my original pseudonym Josefina P. Rizal Facebook account was blocked. At least nobody can touch me here, I hope. (Edit: After that Duterte people already reported and blocked my F.B. account 7 times in just three months as of Sept 2016 and still counting. I wonder what they are afraid of.)

But why truth.com? With all the propaganda and counter-propaganda circulating around the Philippines, not to mention the paid commentaries and editorials, I thought I should try to put some sense in this confusing situation and try to show to those who are really interested in knowing the truth what is probablythe truth and what is probably happening using simple logic. We Filipinos are often taught or fed with propaganda, not facts and are often taught to be clones of our professors instead of being taught how to think independently and that’s why I thought I should show here how to think using facts. I will be biased – biased to where the facts take me (let me call it flow of facts) because that’s how it should be.

Of course politics will not be the only subject I will be writing about; I will be writing some opinion essays as well. But I have no time to be a professional blogger so I will be posting just once in a while. And… unlike Duterte people, I believe in freedom of expression so anyone, even Duterte’s fans or even fanatics, can reply though I might not reply to all of them especially the fanatics from all sides – I’m confident my opinions can stand on their own. (F.y.i., I have a delete and edit button right next to all the comments made by the guests, but I will guarantee you all that I will never touch it.)

And lastly, this is not a monetized or commercialized blog, which means there are no advertisements (except for token ads from WordPress, a requirement for its free use) and therefore, it is not an earn-per-click site, so I don’t make even a centavo out of what I write here. My effort here is solely on principles, nothing else.

So to all my thousands of former Facebook friends, I’m back but this time here at the WordPress…

…well anywayz, here I am, back into your arms again…


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*Disclaimer: everything expressed in this blog is an opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the truth.


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  1. stupid blogger


  2. Thanks for the criticism, it keeps my feet firmly grounded…


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