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The Complete Evidences – Circumstantial (Photos), Testimonial and Documentary

The big trouble started when custom’s fixer Mark Taguba was invited as a resource person for the Congressional Hearing on B.O.C. where he opened a huge can of worms (this proves Taguba is neither Trillanes nor LP boy as alleged by Duterte people; he was invited by the puppets of the administration themselves obviously not knowing he will point to Paolo, their prince, later). He revealed that at the customs, the rumor is rife that Paolo Duterte is often name-dropped by smugglers to facilitate the release of contraband… But then, there are very shocking and most damaging evidences against Paolo: Two documents, from Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group and N.B.I, way back from 2007 linking Paolo Duterte to smuggling!!!  But before we go to that, some appetizers first:

1. Mark Taguba testified that the name of Paolo “Pulong” Duterte is often name-dropped to facilitate the release of goods at the customs. Here is a Cellphone text conversation of Taguba with a certain “Tita Nani,” an alleged agent of the Davao Group, a shadowy smuggling syndicate based in Davao City allegedly headed by Paolo, and here his name is clearly shown in the text. Now think, my dear readers, will anybody dare to namedrop a son of the most feared president without his order or authorization?


2. Then pictures of Pulong with several alleged smuggling and drug personalities started to crop up on the net, starting with Kenneth Dong – and please don’t forget – this is the man responsible for the release of 6.4 billion peso worth of shabu from the customs! And the big question is why is Paulo on a photo together with this man?

“Kenneth Dong… this is the man responsible for the release of 6.4 billion peso worth of shabu from the customs! And the big question is why is Paulo on a photo together with this man?”

This photo seems to connect Paolo not only to simple smuggling but also to drug smuggling:


3. And long before that, there was Charlie Tan, allegedly a member of the Davao Group. There have been lots of rumors and allegations that Paolo Duterte might be the head of the Davao Group and these photos tend to give further credence to these allegations:

PAOLO-DUTERTE-CHARLIE-TAN!!!paolo-duterte-photo-with-dongThe Complete Cast – Paolo, Charlie Tan and Kenneth Dong

4. If you recall, this same Charlie Tan was first mentioned by Arturo Lascañas in his testimony last March as a drug smuggler protected by Paolo.

Testimonial evidence #1 – Arturo Lascañas testimony: Charlie Tan is a drug smuggler protected by Paolo Duterte.



5. And this same Charlie Tan was also mentioned in the recent exposé of Senator Panfilo Lacson as one of the members of the Davao Group which if true proves the existence of the Davao Group with Mr. Tan as one of the members.

6. But Mr. Lacson did not link Paolo Duterte to the group and even cleared him of smuggling. Of course he won’t because of this:

!!!Panfi 2

His son Panfi (second from the left) is in the photo with Paolo! and if he exposed him, it is like proving his son is indeed a smuggler as alleged by ex-Custom’s Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon (next).

7. Ex-Commissioner Faeldon came up  with a strong rebuttal against Lacson’s exposé by counter-exposing Lacson’s son Panfi as being a cement smuggler, and this is not a hearsay, this is a legitimate accusation! coming direct from the former Custom’s commissioner. Paulo, in the company of accused cement smuggler, Panfi, further reinforce the allegation the he indeed is one of them.

8. There is also Nilo “Small” Abellera – a councilor of Davao City (everybody knows councilors of well-knit bailiwicks are usually “mga bata” of the powerful political figures there) and not so coincidentally left out by Lacson in his exposé, was the one who was tagged by Mark Taguba as receiving 5 million pesos on behalf of Davao Group. With Abellera in the photo together with Paolo, the claim that Paolo is connected with the Davao Group is further reinforced.

9. Then in the last senate hearings, the name of Paolo’s brother-in-law, Mans Carpio, came up. He was seen going into the office of commissioner Faeldon, which makes us suspect that this whole smuggling of 6.4 billion pesos worth of shabu might be a Duterte family affair with the help of Faeldon.

!! Mans CPhoto of Mans Carpio with his brother-in-law Paolo, Charlie Tan and Small Abellera

And Now, the Most Shocking and Damaging Evidence Against Paolo – the Documentary Evidences ! ! !

!!!Paolo Doc          10.

!!!Paolo Doc 211.

These two documents clearly show that Paolo Duterte was definitely involved in smuggling and take note, this is not a hearsay, this is an official document! With official documents and several circumstantial evidences, what is there to stop the authorities from investigating him? None! So Paolo Duterte should be immediately investigated for smuggling! (This was the time of the administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, a very close ally of the Duterte’s and it is very likely that G.M.A. administration might have let Paolo off the hook, and the release of G.M.A. from detention immediately after Duterte took office seems to prove that – paying her back for “utang na loob.”)


And, the Desperate Attempt of the Duterte Administration to Cover Up the Paolo Exposé

12. There was a bird flu problem since April this year that the administration has been hiding from the public to avoid negative publicity. But 2-3 days after the Taguba exposé of Paolo, the government all of a sudden decided to make public the bird flu story, and with much hype, though the problem was already on the verge of being resolved. An obvious attempt to distract the public attention from Paolo’s smuggling issue:


13. At around the same time, the government came up with “one time, big time” anti-drug operation as if to further distract the public attention from Paolo’s issue. There, a 17-year old Kian delos Santos was mercilessly murdered. Though I personally do not think the picking of a minor was intentional, there are many who believe it was so, to stir up more sensation, like this one on twitter, and I won’t blame them for it:


(Update Sept. 6, 2017: Breaking News! 14 year-old companion of another e.j.k. victim, Carl Angelo Arnais, found dead! 




Another Suspicious Coincidence?

14. President Duterte, in an effort to defend his son, said that his son was involved in “ukay-ukay” business, not smuggling.


Then, few days after his revelation there was a fire at an “ukay-ukay” warehouse in Davao City, fueling speculation that the part of the smuggled shabu shipment that was “lost” may have been hidden there and was burned to destroy the evidence.

!!ukay ukay davao



Some More Info’s About Paolo’s Involvement in Smuggling

15. The name of Paolo in smuggling also cropped up in 2012 when a head of a carnapping syndicate Ryan Yu  linked Paolo to smuggling. Rodrigo Duterte offered 7 million pesos for the head Yu because he had made an “allegations of car smuggling against his son, Paolo.” Apparantly, Duterte does not want the name of his son linked to smuggling.


16. In April 2016, Paolo, together with his wife January and the famous rice-smuggler about whom Duterte said, “I will gladly kill him,” David Bangayan, was accused of being involved in, “smuggling ng mga electronics, products, canned goods, luxury vehicles, ukay-ukay at kung ano-ano pa.”


“17. And the last, but equally damaging…”

17. And the last, but equally damaging: Edgar Matobato testified that, “(he) have personally delivered ₱3 million as illegal payment to Bureau of Customs officers upon Paolo’s orders,” and that, “young Duterte also controls the Sasa Wharf in Davao and is behind rice and oil smuggling in the city in 2013.”

Testimonial Evidence #2 – Edgar Matobato testimony: “(he) have personally delivered ₱3 million as illegal payment to Bureau of Customs officers upon Paolo’s orders,” and that, “young Duterte also controls the Sasa Wharf in Davao and is behind rice and oil smuggling in the city in 2013.”



And if you recall, this Sasa Wharf which Matobato said Paolo controls is also the same wharf where cocaine smuggling has been going on since at least 2009:


and up to the recent times, if you recall, where 41 of the 65 bricks of cocaine went missing right under the nose of “drug-hating” then mayor Duterte at a port in Davao City:


These are just samples but there are just too many allegations connecting Paulo to smuggling and I can’t possibly list them all here.

So is Paulo guilty? Yes, perhaps not in a strictly legal sense, and the “evidences” presented here could serve as enough basis for the Senate to investigate him, which Gordon et al are trying their best to avoid. But why? Your guess is as good as mine. At any rate, with senators like Gordon and Sotto “lawyering” for Paolo, the hearing will probably be another monologue and a waste of time, just like the Matobato hearing which they turned into a circus:


!!!!!!!DIsfwZKVAAA5-9nBut wait, what is this? Is this the reason that Gordon is trying to sabotage the hearings? Maybe not (and I hope not).

And to conclude…

…And to conclude, we must continue to strongly attack this case. This case painfully exposes the hypocrisy of Duterte and his administration. While 34 persons were killed overnight in the first one-time, big-time operation for only 234 grams of shabu, people responsible for the smuggling of tons of shabu are treated with utmost care and respect, with the President himself saying that Faeldon, under whose watch these shabu’s were smuggled, is honest and trustworthy. Unbelievable! Therefore we must never relent in attacking these twin issues – issue of President Duterte’s son’s possible involvement in smuggling and the issue of 6.4  billion pesos worth of shabu smuggled right under the nose of Duterte administration – both issues which may be connected. And – we must fully support Senator Antonio Trillanes in his brave, one-man effort to expose the biggest scam in the history of the Philippines committed under the administration who claims to hate drugs and corruption!
#GoSonnyGo #WeSupportTrillanes and #NeverForgetPaoloDSmuggler

!!!!!!!Photo-art courtesy of Joey A. Gutierrez

“And – we must fully support Senator Antonio Trillanes in his brave, one-man effort to expose the biggest scam in the history of the Philippines committed under the administration who claims to hate drugs and corruption!

#GoSonnyGo #WeSupportTrillanes AND #NeverForgetPaoloDSmuggler”

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